How To Cure Baby Eczema

how to cure baby eczemaSometimes it is difficult to detect eczema in infants if there isn’t a rash present. If you have a family history of eczema and your infant is crying, fussing, wiggling and can not be comforted, you should talk to your doctor to see if your infant has eczema. Eczema is very uncomfortable for an infant and since their motor skills are not developed enough to scratch or even know where they itch, eczema can be particularly agonizing.

Is It Possible To Cure Your Child’s Eczema With Natural Products?

Note: Eczema can be a lifelong struggle. The key is to work on finding the root cause behind your baby’s eczema. Medications only relieve symptoms for a while. Many parents are opting for natural treatments to cure their child’s eczema. Here is a website I recommend for natural eczema treatments, Eczema Free Forever.

Eczema in infants usually appears on the face or scalp first. Just because the eczema is visible in these areas, doesn’t mean that they don’t itch in other areas.

You can help your infant to sooth their eczema symptoms by being there for them as a provider and not focusing on feeling sorry for them. This is imperative because children often don’t think about the illness as adults do. They live from moment to moment and don’t focus on the future of this ailment. So it is helpful that you are available and healthy to take the necessary steps in helping to relieve eczema symptoms.

If you want to be able to soothe and relieve eczema in infants, here are some helpful tips:

1. No wool please. Be sure to dress your infant in comfortable clothing that is made of breathable fibers. Cotton clothing is a good choice.

2. Avoid abrasive soaps or detergents, especially those with fragrance. Let the infant soak in warm water for about 15 minutes. This will help relieve their symptoms in addition to them not itching while they are in the water. After bath pat dry and avoid rubbing. They will also absorb the water and this helps to moisturize the skin. Use hypoallergenic detergents to wash clothes.

5. Use petroleum jelly on your infant’s face and body when still damp from bath.

4. Avoid wearing clothing with short fibers like wool while holding your infant, as not to aggravate symptoms.

5. Keep your baby as cool as possible. Heat and perspiration are eczema aggravates. You can dress your infant in layers and take them off as needed depending on the temperature.

6. Rubbing aloe vera on your infants rashes has been shown to soothe symptoms.

7. Eliminate foods from your baby’s diet that could be eczema triggers like cow’s milk and soy products. Eggs and citrus could be triggers also. Eliminate these foods one at a time to identify ones that might be triggers.

For natural treatments for your child’s eczema visit Rachel Anderson’s website, Eczema Free Forever.