Home Treatments For Eczema

home treatments for eczema

If you are an eczema sufferer you know how painful it can be to be wake up to itching fits because of eczema flare ups. You might have even lost a bit of self confidence because of your condition. It may seem that nothing works permanently to relieve your eczema symptoms. You move from medication to medication to find what will work long term and it seems that it’s an endless experimentation.

I am going to share with you three simple home treatments to help relieve your eczema symptoms and also the key to relieving if not eliminating your eczema symptoms using natural methods.

Can Eczema Symptoms Be Relieved Without Using Medications?

Honestly the problem lies in not knowing the root cause of eczema. If you knew what was causing the eczema flare ups you would be in a lot better position to manage your eczema. For instance, if you knew that eating wheat was the cause of your eczema flare ups, it would probably not be all that difficult to stop your eczema. But a lot of eczema sufferers wrongly focus on the symptoms.

Focusing on the symptoms is a lot like wearing clothes that make you appear thinner but not actually working out to make your body look better. Do you get what I’m saying? You can forever continue trying to find clothes that make you look thinner without actually working on your body to actually make you healthier and thinner.

You are covering it up. If you were to work out and eat healthier foods you would not need to continue buying new clothes to make you appear to be healthy, because you already would be. The same with eczema medications. If you keep on covering the symptoms with the “newest” medication, you really don’t fix the root cause of the problem, which is determining what root causes are making your eczema flare up.

That’s why I highly recommend visiting Rachel Anderson’s website about actually finding the root cause of eczema, you can find more information here, Eczema Free Forever.

Treating eczema from your home is not all that difficult, the key is being consistent. If you see positive changes, continue to do the home treatments. Don’t stop because you believe you have “cured” your eczema.

It is important to remember that although there are several different treatments for eczema, there are general guidelines that every eczema sufferer must follow to get immediate and the most effective relief for their eczema symptoms. Eczema doesn’t have to plague you everyday of your life. You can achieve great eczema relief in your right now in your home with following these tips on how to better manage your symptoms:

Examine your environment.

Examining your environment doesn’t have to be a complex process with carpet or air samples. This just means that you are avoiding those triggers which can cause an eczema outbreak. Are you continuously in high stress situations? Maybe you should consider meditation, prayer or yoga to calm your daily stress. In major cases, a switch in career or a delegation of responsibilities might be necessary.

What clothing are you wearing? Your clothing rubs against you all day. If you want to learn about effective home remedies eczema, you must examine your clothing and cleaning agents for clothing. You should opt for clothing with smooth breathable fibers like cotton. In addition to this, you must not aggravate your symptoms by using harsh detergents with fragrances and abrasive chemicals. Choose detergents for infants or for sensitive skin. The right clothing can do little to alleviating eczema symptoms if they have been in contact with abrasive detergents.

Are you too hot? Eczema symptoms are aggravated by heat and perspiration. You can achieve great eczema relief by dressing in layers. This is effective because when it is cold you are already bundled up, but when you enter a warmer area in your home or outside of your home, you can quickly adjust your clothing to the current temperature.

Watch you diet.

What you eat plays a huge role in managing eczema symptoms. Some eczema sufferers have allergies towards dairy, gluten, or soy. If you have eczema and have food allergies also, you are certain to have a lot of eczema outbreaks. Document what you eat daily and how you feel after eating the foods. You may want to practice an elimination diet, experimenting with taking foods out of your diet for a short period of time, two weeks, to see if symptoms get better. If you want to learn simple home remedies eczema, you should also avoid handling raw meat, or foods high in acidic content, which may aggravate eczema.


This is probably the most important home remedies eczema. The worst part of eczema is the constant itching and dry skin. If you moisturize frequently you can prevent having the dry skin that causes itching. You must moisturize regularly and preferably after taking a bath, before drying off. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer two to three minutes after a bath while the skin is still damp and then apply a second layer one minute after the first layer is applied, this will lock in the moisturizer better. Be sure to stay away from scented moisturizers, no matter how tempting. Also opt for moisturizers that are created specifically for sensitive skin, as these moisturizers contain fewer ingredients that aggravate skin.

If you are tired and frustrated with your eczema symptoms and want some natural remedies to greatly reduce if not eliminate your eczema symptoms, I highly recommend visiting the Eczema Free Forever.  It provides information on why medications can be a never ending cycle and how to get to the root cause of your eczema.